Naming & Package Design

Creating Memorable Brands

Paired with Effective Websites

& Data-Driven Marketing Efforts


P A S T   C L I E N T S   I N C L U D E

Working with Smaller Companies, Start-Ups, and Venture Capitalization Efforts in Brand Concept, Naming, And Product Roll-Out

As a business principal for over 28 years much of my current work consists of acting primarily as a fractional CMO specializing in smaller organizations and business start-ups. While leading, Inc. I also assist companies seeking to improve their brand presentation, visual conceptual design and creation — to set our clients apart from the crowd.

I have been creating memorable brands for over 30 years including crafting integrated marketing campaigns, and 360 Campaigns using extremely limited budgets. I focus on smaller businesses to improve their corporate branding campaigns, develop conceptual branding design that they fall in love with, all with the goal of branding business to improve perceived value, establish a professional level of visual presentation in order to build engagement and increase profit margins.

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