Capstone Homes Corporate Branding Campaign

Capstone Homes Logo

Capstone Homes, inc. located in Maple Valley Washington came to us seeking an overall rebrand. Having been involved in the residential homebuilding industry since the sixties they enjoyed a long and storied background crafting new homes for young families.

In conjunction with the Sales & Marketing Director Kevin Devine we began the process of creating an all new and vibrant identity that would focus on the new tagline “Creating Communities” and incorporate the concept that the work Capstone performed was akin to creating a work of art.

The final design was rolled out through their print marketing materials, website, and display advertising including billboards and magazine ads. The new look helped ad perceived value, and propelled Capstone Homes, inc. on to an incredible increase in profit margin during the early 2000’s.

Soundbuilt Homes Billboard Campaign

Capstone Homes Logo

Marketing Director Deanna Franklin approached us with a grand vision, she wanted to display a real-time “SOLD” homes total for Gary Racca and Soundbuilt Homes of Puyallup, WA.

Clear Channel Outdoors was then experimenting with adjustable counter displays for their Washington Lotto campaigns. So we created a dynamic layout featuring a Soundbuilt home descriptive text and a rolling counter. We also convinced ClearChannel to add overlapping, custom cut-out, aspects which would further differentiate the sign. Placement would be on the southbound interstate 5 location entering Tacoma Washington.

This sign campaign was incredibly successful and helped propel Soundbuilt to a stunning near-1,000 homes sold in 2007.

Delmonaco, Utz, & Salazar

Capstone Homes Logo

Partner Marco Salazar approached us seeking a memorable brand for his DC-based investment firm. 

After much discussion we settled on a brand mark that would be a hybrid of, and recall the familiar Washington Monument. We added three pillars which represented the original partnership unified into one goal (the monument) of wealth management.

We used the new brand in all marketing materials including brochures, office materials, business cards, and website to set the firm apart and help propel it to early success, and ultimately, to a profitable sale to another financial entity.

Tesoros Experiences Travel Website

Capstone Homes Logo

Creative Director Taylor Doop of ZoiMediaGroup was wanting to introduce a brand new luxury travel company that would focus on “Experience Tours” in central and southern Mexico.

We embarked on an extended process in company naming, identity design, market research, digital ad campaigns, video production, sales training, events and other promotions to present “Tesoros Experiences” to the world. 

ZEA Spirits, Corn-Based Vodka, Gin, & Whiskey

Peyton Enterprises, inc. was seeking to launch a brand new family of spirits based solely on Mexican Heritage Corn. 

We assisted in an overall naming campaign, logo identity, NFT launch, packaging/labelling and promotial marketing including tasting events at their location in Puebla, Mexico, as well as video production to pitch the offering to early investors.

Vehicle Wrap – Kirby Electric

Capstone Homes Logo

Mike Harbin owner of our partner sign-vendor Spectrum Sign Company of Auburn, Washington needed some design assistance for a custom van wrap for Kirby Electric. 

We searched a variety of electrical stock images, consolidated some messaging and text, then crafted a stunning display for the sides and back of their sprinter vans. 

JK Monarch, Community Monumentation

Capstone Homes Logo

Puyallup homebuilder JK Monarch sought our expertise for their monumentation in the picturesque Enumclaw Washington community of Semanski Estates. We partnered with their site superintendant to design and engineer a concept and coordinate the construction and installation of this beautiful piece. 

Cut steel with rusted and arrested patina, we adjusted the community logo to be easily used in a “see-through” fashion yielding incredible results.