Say Goodbye to Google Docs & DropBox

The Fastest Object Storage, “Replicated to the Edge!” 

Forget slow object storage and WOW your customers with unparalleled performance. Automatically replicate your files worldwide to minimize your latency and maximize throughput for your files. For every request. Everywhere. 

Object Storage Designed for a Global Audience.

Supercharge your data with seamless global replication that just works.

Goodbye Cold-Storage. Hello Performance!

Forget storage as a bottleneck, take your data global and beat your competition.

Storage Regions

TBPS+ Network Backbone

Global CDN Pops


Availability SLA

No Charge for API Egress or Requests

Your data is 100% your own. Stop paying high prices for accessing and managing your files.

Tested from 14 EDGE locations in Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Australia, and South Africa.

EDGE® storage cdn is 100% GDPR and HIPPA COMPLIANT.

EDGE® servers include dynamic ROUTING FILTERS these routing filters are very important when it comes to storage, they are configured to adhere strictly to European Union for GDPR and to the United States for HIPPA compliance.
EDGE® Encryption All files are digitally signed and encrypted when stored, and you can also add an optional additional layer of security which is known as “TOKEN AUTHENTICATION”. Within Token Authentication UNLESS the request comes from a verified source the file will never be opened or downloaded, and even if it does get downloaded the unique Token Authentication secures the file’s integrity.
What about data breaches?
With potential data theft and espionage at all time highs, since your files are stored securely on an EDGE® cloud network, with restricted access, then the problem of backing up files, quota expiry, etc will never arise.
Our storage cdn holds an ISO 27001 certification to further demonstrate our commitment to security and compliance best practices, instilling trust and confidence in our customers worldwide.


For a limited time, when you trust EDGE® with your office data you will receive:

  1. Network accessibility from all POP locations within the USA
  2. Block all access from countries outside USA
  3. TOKEN Authentication
  4. ROUTING will be GDPR and HIPPA based, i.e. all POP LOCATIONS will automatically follow these 2 compliances.

Mention “USA Offer” When You Sign Up.