T E A C H I N G  t h e  W O R L D  t o  D R A W !

Are You a Beginner—You Can Learn How to Draw Today!

Have you always wanted to be able to draw something but whenever you tried it just looked horrible?

Drawing is not about simply being born with talent. But just like anything we can learn as humans, we only have to become familiar with a few key techniques, and then go on to refine those skills and we can successfully begin to see and transfer that vision to paper.

Give me a few minutes and you can learn to draw, experience the joy of creating your own unique drawings using only pens and pencils today!


Here are some examples of drawings that I’ve created in my professional capacity.

Lebanon, Oregon — Introduction to Drawing Spring 2024

Beginning Drawing Concepts and Studies.

Lebanon, Oregon — Introduction to Drawing Spring 2024

A sampling of our student’s drawings.