Identity and Marks


The single most memorable visual aspect of a company is the logo design. This powerful image, through an effort called “Branding”, influences your market in everything from physical office space, fleet vehicles, offsite signs, and the balance of your comprehensive marketing efforts.

In the same way as the symbols of the ancient world identified the owners of the kingdoms and provinces, and the ranchers of the Wild West preserved peace by branding their steers, settling ownership of free range animals—Or the vibrant patterned tartans that distinguished clan from clan in the Scottish highlands.

A specific visual image, crafted with purpose and skill will set your organization apart and communicate truths about what you do and who you are.

A brand mark or logo crafted by is a powerful tool for reinforcing unspoken feelings and professionalism to your target market. Our marks come with a full set of vector files so that your new brandmark will be usable in every conceivable application, from digital posts to massive physical billboards without any loss of quality or readability.

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